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naturali kuno kosmetika


***Basic Lip Balm RecipeIngredients:4 oz. Almond Oil (may be substituted for another carrier oil, but do not use mineral oil)1 oz. beeswax1 capsule of Vitamin EFlavoring or Essential OilInstructions:Combine almond oil and beeswax. Warm slowly until beeswax is melted. Remove from heat.Pierce Vitamin E capsule and squeeze into the mixture. Add a half teaspoon of flavoring or up to 5 drops ofessential oil and mix.Pour into small jars or lip balm tubes and let harden.

***Honey Lip Balm Number Of Applications : 100Preparation Time : 0:152 Tablespoons olive oil1/2 teaspoon honey3/4 teaspoon beeswax -- grated1/2 teaspoon cocoa butterflavored oil of your choice -- to taste1 vitamin E capsule-In a small saucepan, melt oil, honey, wax and butter over low heat.-Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2 to 3 minutes.-Stir in flavoring and contents of vitamin E capsule.-Pour into container(s) of your choice.

***Lip Gloss Ingredients:2 tsp. beeswax7 tsp. castor oil or Jojoba or sweet almond oil1 tsp. honey5 drops of an essential oil such as lemon, peppermint,orange, lime, tangerineMelt the oil and beeswax together in a little pan overlow heat until the beeswax is melted. Take off thestove and then add in your honey and whisk it alltogether. When the mixture is nearly cool add in youressential oil, mix it up again and then pour into yourlip balm container. Since this comes out to be morelike a gloss you can always add more beeswax to it sothat it is a little harder. Maybe another 1/2 tsp.would do it.

***Chocolate Lip Gloss Ingredients:3 Tablespoon. Cocoa Butter4-5 Chocolate Chips1 capsule, Vitamin. EMelt, and blend ingredients with a spoon until smooth,put into a container and refrigerate until solid.

***Orange-Mango Lip Butter 4 tsp. infused olive oil1 tsp. grated beeswax2 tsp. mango butter15 drops sweet orange EO, to tasteVit E capsule (as a preservative)Melt wax, butter, and oil in a double broiler, allow to cool slightly, then add EO and Vitamin E and pour into cleancontainers.

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